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Valeo Sauna Suit

Sauna Suit

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Sauna Suit, XL/XXL

Target Training: Cardio. Make Aerobic Workouts More Effective. Burn Additional Calories. Keep Muscles Warm and Limber. Sauna Suit. A sauna suit retains body heat to help you burn more calories: Chest pocket with snap closure. Reflective stripes on sleeves for nighttime visibility. Elastic waist and cuff on pant. Wipes clean with damp cloth. Pant fits waist up to 50". Sauna Suit. Target Training: Upper Body, Lower Body. Benefits: Wearing a sauna suit during aerobic exercise can help you shed water weight and eliminate toxins from your body. Valeo Target Training. The most effective fitness routine combines strength, cardio and flexibility exercises. Target Training by Valeo can help you create a personalized fitness program that suits your needs. What's your ultimate goal -firming up, losing weight, building muscle? The fitness tools in our Target Training system are grouped by color and designed to work together. The tools are divided into four catagories. Sculpt (Green)-Increase Muscle Tone, Improve Balance, Enhance Flexibility. Strength (Blue)-Build Muscle, Add Definition, Increase Endurance. Cardio (Orange)-Improve Agility, Promote Weight Loss, Increase Stamina. Support (Pink)-Ergonomically-Designed Training Accessories. Many of the fitness tools come with training recommendations that can be modified to meet your individual requirements and fitness level.

Warnings: Caution: This suit retains your body heat and thus can expose you to high temperatures. Take the same precautions you would if using a sauna or exercising in hot weather. Avoid prolonged use if you become hot. Be sure to drink liquids during and after exercising to avoid dehydration. Persons using certain medications, women who are or may become pregnant and persons with certain medical conditions including high or low blood pressure, heart disease or circulatory or respiratory problems, should avoid exposure to high temperatures. You should consult your physician before using this or any new exercise program to determine if you have any physical limitations that could create a safety or health risk.

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