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Smart Powders Raspberry Ketones (Buy One Get One) - 50g (FREE SHIPPING)

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Raspberry Ketones (Buy One Get One)

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Raspberry Ketones: Natural Fat Loss Solution

50g - Bulk Powder

1/4 Teaspoon = 488Mg

Raspberry ketone supplements are a relatively lesser known weight loss supplement, but are growing in popularity. Raspberry Ketones are aromatic compounds found in red raspberries that have shown to aid fat loss without stimulating the central nervous system. The molecular structure in Raspberry Ketones are similar to capsaicin - the thermogenic (caloric burning process through heat) agent in chilies and red peppers, but are thought to be far more potent than capsaicin at lipolysis (fat cell destruction).

Due to the similarity in structure of Raspberry Ketones to capsaicin, scientific research to test the fat loss effects of Raspberry Ketones were conducted, and clearly showed that Raspberry Ketones prevented the weight gain in mice even when the animals were on a high-fat diet. Also, when rats were overfed fructose, a simple sugar linked to the current obesity epidemic, Raspberry Ketones prevented fat synthesis.

Raspberry Ketones fat loss effects come from their ability to enhance norepinephrine-induced fat loss by promoting the relocation of HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase) to translocate to within the fat cell. HSL is the enzyme that, once inside the fat cell, slices apart fat molecules into various fatty acids in preparation for fat metabolism, which means that consuming Raspberry Ketone supplements may lead to overall increase in fat being burned for energy without the use of harsh stimulants.

Raspberry Ketones (Buy One Get One) - 50g (FREE SHIPPING) Reviews

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Overall Rating: 3.3 out of 5
I was sent this product in my last upgrade. I have only been taking it for about a month. I have noticed a little bit of a difference in my weight loss. I feel less hungry.
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