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Smart Powders Phosphatidyl Serine - 50 grams

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Phosphatidyl Serine
50 grams (SerinAid 50% PhosphatidylSerine)

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buy Phosphatidyl Serine for improved cognitive and athletic performance

What is Phosphatidyl serine?

Everyone faces the serious concern of cognitive degredation associated with aging, and for good reason. Scientific research illustrates that as we age, we will experience a loss in mental performance (such as learning, memory and concentration), which has a significant effect on our quality of life. While this loss in our cognitive ability is a normal part of life, the good news is that scientific research has shown that Phosphatidyl serine plays a critical role in maintaining optimal mental performance.

Phosphatidyl serine (aka Phosphatidyl Serine and Ptd-L-Ser) is a phospholipid derived from vegetable sources that may protect against mental degredation, as well as be beneficial for attention-deficit disorders and ehancement of athletic performance.

How Phosphatidyl serine Works

It is thought that phosphatidy lserine improves learning and other cognitive functions by enabling your brain cells to efficiently metabolize glucose and by increasing neurotransmitter receptor sites (thereby increasing your brain cells' ability to communicate and send chemical signals). Phosphatidyl Serine may also restores the brain's supply of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter critical to memory function.

Possible Phosphatidyl Serine Benefits

While most studies involve aging and brain function, there is significant evidence that phosphatidylserine may improve athletic performance, reduce cortisol, decrease muscular damage and increase recovery. In addition, Phosphatidyl Serine has been observed in a study to lead to significant improvements in ADHD symptoms of children. Common benefits may include:

  • Enhanced learning, memory and other cognitive functions
  • Reduced muscle-soreness & improved recovery
  • Increased focus and attention

More information on Phosphatidyl Serine Powder - 50 grams

Dose: As a dietary supplement, consume 100mg to 200mg of Smart Powders Phosphatidyl Serine Powder, one to three times daily.


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